The Bexar family proudly introduces Bexar Beef Co., a farm to freezer solution for local consumers to obtain a fully turnkey beef product for home consumption, with intentional focus on quality and consumer experience. As purveyors of both ends of the beef supply chain, we know what makes a positive experience for the consumer, so we aim to develop those specific attributes on the front end. From specific breed selection based on customer’s palatability preferences, to intentional harvest weights for proper cookability & optimal freezer storage, we plan our herd around our customer’s needs.


The Source

Our beef is locally raised on heritage farms within the Bexar family, to ensure close personal ties to all animals raised and producers. All calves come straight off the farm, no sale barn cattle here! All animals are locally finished just north in Anderson, TX on both grain-finish and grass-finish rations, per customer specifications.

Quality & Selection

Every consumer has different needs and expectations. From the backyard warrior who drools over marbling, to the family-of-four who wants a clean & pure diet, we do our best to select certain animals based on each individual consumers needs. Implementing breed dynamics influenced from Black Angus to Charolais to Beefmaster, we use those individual breed traits to match not only the environment, but the customers end goal for their beef consumption. From this particular selection, right down to the consultation of custom cutting your beef, you will not find a more personalized experience. 

Grass vs Grain Finished

With marketing & labeling loopholes abroad, the term “grass-fed” beef, among others, is quite the buzz-word thrown around these days, either to capture an uneducated market, or pad the pricing of a product without following through with the perceptions of the product. To be clear, most all beef animals are “grass-fed” at some point in their life cycle, as cattle are naturally ruminant foraging animals. The finishing stage of the animal is where the end product starts to differ, so let’s take a look at the two types of finishing stages.

Grass Finished

This term denotes that in addition to grass, hay, and/or pasture for it’s entire life cycle, the animal also spends it’s final months before harvest on that same forage based diet. These animals tend to produce leaner, higher yielding (less waste) carcasses, as no supplemental fat/energy content is added to the diet. The flavor profile is very wholesome, earthy, and natural.

Grain Finished

These beef animals also usually spend a good majority of their life on grass, hay, and/or pasture as well, but transition the last 3-6 months or even longer, on a primarily grain-based diet prior to harvest. These rations typically consist of a combination of corn, cotton seed, brewer’s grains, and other cereals/grains, to provide a high-density supplement of energy & fiber to the animals. This results in higher rates of gain, marbling, and “beefy” flavor within the carcass.


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