What the Bexar?


Is it Bexar (Bear, rawr!) or is it Bexar (BEX-UR)?

Ok, so let’s try to make this quick…Technically it’s both, but let me try to explain without confusing you more… 

The name Bexar, originates from the county of Bexar (pronounced like the animal “bear”), seated by the city of San Antonio, TX. This area is where Justin grew up and still has many ties to, in both family, friendship, and heritage. Coincidentally, he grew up in a rural German community that had a local bowling alley, dance hall, and social club, that aptly took the names of Bexar as well. You see, this is where the story gets a little fuzzy (also a guy named Fuzzy hidden in this story too)… somewhere between their broken English/Spanish or stubborn will, the German ancestors of this community pronounced it literally as it was spelled. Therefore, between the several weddings, reunions, pinsetting, and other social events, this was the first association of the term Bexar that Justin came to know.

Fast forward to decades later, Justin and his wife Kathryn started their venture selling BBQ at the Tomball Farmers Market under the name “Bexar County Brisket”. Seeing that the term County was accompanied by the name, the pronunciation was indeed correct by saying Bexar (bear), the county in which San Antonio resides.

Here we stand today, with the last bit to confuse you. As they re-branded their business name to “Bexar Barbecue” for their new brick-mortar, they assumed the pronunciation of Bexar (BEX-UR), as the term “county” was removed from their name. This of course, pays homage to the community and heritage of Justin’s upbringing.

Either way you slice it, you’re right and you’re wrong. We’re just glad to be part of the conversation you’re having!